Taking A Walk Down the WWW

Here’s an experiment. I’ve restored blog posts and comments from ~2006-Nov 2009 here, instead of my main blog at http://saskboy.wordpress.com which came about in Nov. 2009 in response to my blog server being hacked and broken. The links citing “abandonedstuff.com/” don’t work properly, but the content is here if you’re clever enough to search the new “saskboy1.” site. Have fun!

My friend Robert made this possible.

Newly Discovered Bird Named after Twitter Text Messaging

The Tweeting Puffin is the latest animal to be identified after the 2009 text messaging sensation known as “Twitter”. The Tweeting Puffin shares several traits with its service namesake, so it only made sense that the biologists who discovered it in 2008 would think of naming it as they have. The Latin, and scientific name for the bird, microverbe aviflockus, refers to the short bursts of chirping the Tweeting Puffin makes, reminiscent of the 140 character “tweets” that humans can submit to the Twitter service from their cell phones and computers.

Floating Vaccine

Because you can’t make money from curing a disease, you might as well spend $1,500,000,000.00 on a giant ship with “neighbourhoods”. Imagine 8400 people pooping directly into the ocean (unless this behemoth has on board septic tanks).

Imagine what could be done with one and a half billion dollars of human effort, other than constructing the 21st century’s version of the Titanic? I guess we can take comfort in the fact that it’s $1.5B that didn’t go to a weapon of war.