Rings You Didn’t Expect

Saturn has rings. Big news eh? Well, sort of. That’s because there’s a humongus ring around Saturn that went undiscovered until just recently because it’s not visible to the human eye, not even through a standard telescope. And the artist’s conception of it makes an excellent computer background.


Some of my library connected friends may find these retorts funny as well as rude.

Civic Election: Schools, and Protests

Do you like to pack kids into schools as if they are sardines? If not, you might want to vote against the incumbent school board, who tried to close Dieppe school even as its enrollment rose significantly! And you have a chance to vote this Wednesday; what good luck!

You can follow the news on Twitter this time.

What worries me is how Conservative-like Mayor Fiacco’s campaign has been. Like the Conservative candidates in the last federal election he refused to participate in a free-to-attend debate. He only agreed to the $45/ticket Chamber of Commerce sponsored debate at the Centre of the Arts. On top of this anti-democratic policy of only speaking publicly for those who pay to hear, a small group of protesters at the Centre of the Arts were told to leave or they’d be charged with Trespassing! Yes, their Charter rights to peaceful protest were violated by someone at the Chamber of Commerce sponsored event.

The Centre of the Arts is on Wascana Centre Authority land, which is public land that even the Saskatchewan Legislature occupies. Can you imagine a legislature where protest outside of it is “against policy” or even illegal? It seems some people working at the Centre of the Arts want a country with a different constitution where protest of injustice is illegal.

War Crime Recipe

I’ve learned how to be vindicated in initiating an unjustified war that causes mass destruction and death. It involves convincing John Gormley that you’re eloquent when you can’t speak publicly without confusing “universality” with “university”, and getting intimate with a Saskatoon crowd that has paid big money to see you.

So if you need to commit a war crime, just clear it with wealthy conservative Saskatoonians who get their information from Fox News, and John Gormley, and you’re “vindicated” if you can get the RCMP to protect you instead of enforcing the laws of Canada.

2 Days Left to Organize Boycotts

I wonder if these bloggers will put more effort into boycotting the Canadian Blog Awards than they will the massively taxpayer funded Olympic Winter Games?

A copy/past error, and proofreading oversight for the ’09 categories needed to be corrected. Perhaps now the CBAs are in line with at least some of our previous detractors. If not, I wish them well running their own complimentary blog awards for their desired categories, and/or a pleasant Fall.

We apologize for using the old description of the GBLT categories, which could be read to lumping in feminists with the GBLT community. The description has been fixed.

However, I feel the need to explain some of the thinking behind the category structure this year.

This year, we have decided to remove all of the political categories (which include the conservative, feminist, non-partisan, and progressive categories) with the exception of the “best political” category itself.

The main reason why we decided to go this is because we’ve noticed in previous years, what has happened is an all-out war between different sides of the political spectrum, with some people resorting to subverting to nominations process, trolling, and negative campaigns (not pointing any fingers here.)

Another reason why we decided to remove all of the political category except for best political blog is that we’ve notice that other national blog awards did not have as many political categories as the CBA’s did.

We realize that there are going to be people that are not pleased with this approach, but we feel it is the most fair approach and will give the volunteers of the CBA more time to focus on ensuring the best awards process possible.
Northen BC Dipper | 10.23.09 – 3:55 pm

Half of the fun of the Canadian Blog Awards while I’ve been helping to run it, has been the unbelievable levels of complaints and boycotts surrounding a fun and friendly online competition where all Canadian bloggers can compete and gain a wider audience for about a month. At times it’s stressful, which is why I asked NBCDipper to take the lead in running the CBAs this year, and so far he’s doing a fine job. I have some cooperative business to attend to over the next few weeks so might not have lots of time to put into running a national blog award website.

Canadian Blog Awards 3 Days Away!

The 2009 CBAs are right around the corner. The categories have been trimmed, and the voting has gone preferential so voting splitting will be reduced. And you can nominate your favourite blogs and posts from the last year to get the competition underway, starting October 25, 2009.


The Canadian Blog Awards, which celebrate the best in the Canadian blog world, are back for 2009! This annual competition allows anyone to nominate a favourite Canadian blog or blogger in categories including “Best New Blog”, “Best Political Blog”, “Best Humour Blog” and “Best Personal Blog.”

Starting on October 25, 2009, Canadians can nominate their favourite blogs by choosing the applicable category and leaving a comment at www.canadianblogawards.ca until November 21. Two rounds of voting will follow. The first round will narrow each category, and a second vote will determine the winner in each category.

The voting period will run from November 29 to December 12. Winners will be announced at www.canadianblogawards.ca starting on December 13th.

I wasn’t paid to blog this

About 99.9% of the time I’m not paid to blog. If you don’t count my unobtrusive ads on the side of my blog, which you’ve probably barely noticed, then you probably don’t consider my blog as biased through payola.

The FTC has some funny ideas about what bloggers need to do to remain honest. Fortunately I blog from Canada, but since a large number of my readers are in the States, I just wanted to point out that I wasn’t paid to say this, except in as much as I make each year by giving ad space to a few companies in exchange for their goods and meager currency. I also don’t advertise products I would never use or buy myself (or as a gift for someone else).

Essentially Nothing

There’s Sun Breeze “Essential Oil” on my desk. The vial says:

“Caution: Avoid eye contact”.

I stopped looking at it, but am not sure what will happen if I sneak another peek. Any ideas?