Saskboy’s virtual farewell which you will probably never see

September 16, 2008

This blog entry is a bit of an odd thing. You see, I will never get to see it published. I’m writing it with the knowledge that I won’t see it on my blog’s front page (at least not with my eyes). It’s supposed to be scheduled to see the light of day, on whatever the Internet looks like in 2080, a full 100 years after I was born, and at some time after I’ve died. I am going to try to ensure this doesn’t get revealed to the world before I die, so I’ll reschedule it if I live to be 100 years old.

So if you’re reading this, a few things have happened:

  • The Internet still exists more than 100 years after it was created (or I’ve set it to publish earlier than 2080).
  • I’ve died (or I’m alive, but forgot to reschedule the post)
  • I’ve paid possibly a lot of money to have my website remain active for all of these years.
  • A computer or software bug has released this blog post prematurely. (So if possible, check that I actually am dead before assuming that to be the case.

I hope I got to say goodbye to all of my family and friends, but if my death was sudden I want them to know that I’ll miss them (if I can miss someone after my death). Writing this as a healthy man in my 20’s, I am not really sure what else to say. I try not to spend too much time thinking about mortality, and what I’d want to say to everyone in our limited time on earth.

I wish that I could see the comments this post brings, but that will be your pleasure instead. See you on the flip side, or top side 😉

Newly Discovered Bird Named after Twitter Text Messaging

The Tweeting Puffin is the latest animal to be identified after the 2009 text messaging sensation known as “Twitter”. The Tweeting Puffin shares several traits with its service namesake, so it only made sense that the biologists who discovered it in 2008 would think of naming it as they have. The Latin, and scientific name for the bird, microverbe aviflockus, refers to the short bursts of chirping the Tweeting Puffin makes, reminiscent of the 140 character “tweets” that humans can submit to the Twitter service from their cell phones and computers.

Floating Vaccine

Because you can’t make money from curing a disease, you might as well spend $1,500,000,000.00 on a giant ship with “neighbourhoods”. Imagine 8400 people pooping directly into the ocean (unless this behemoth has on board septic tanks).

Imagine what could be done with one and a half billion dollars of human effort, other than constructing the 21st century’s version of the Titanic? I guess we can take comfort in the fact that it’s $1.5B that didn’t go to a weapon of war.

Blood Was Not Staged

To the conspiracy theorists out there that think protesters faked being beaten up by House of Commons security the other day, feast your eyes on this bit of video evidence:

So How About That Blood… from Adam MacIsaac on Vimeo.

The conspiracy theorists should hope that Custer isn’t eager to jump into lawsuits against people who have defamed him by saying he staged a beating for sympathy.

You can hear/see the protest here.

More here.

ADDED: Here’s why a noisy and “against the rules” protest is required.

When Legal Protest Stops Working

Look what happens when the will of Canadians is not represented on the floor of the House of Commons. It’s up to those in the Gallery to make the news instead. And not surprisingly, the HoC security roughed the protesters up as they escorted them from the building.

“The youth in the gallery showed more leadership than the MPs on the floor,” Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said at a news conference on Parliament Hill on Monday afternoon following the demonstration.

More at Stageleft


In other news, the Pirate Party of Canada has arrived. They favour copyright and patent laws that reflect the widespread use of file sharing of even copyrighted material.

Rings You Didn’t Expect

Saturn has rings. Big news eh? Well, sort of. That’s because there’s a humongus ring around Saturn that went undiscovered until just recently because it’s not visible to the human eye, not even through a standard telescope. And the artist’s conception of it makes an excellent computer background.


Some of my library connected friends may find these retorts funny as well as rude.

Civic Election: Schools, and Protests

Do you like to pack kids into schools as if they are sardines? If not, you might want to vote against the incumbent school board, who tried to close Dieppe school even as its enrollment rose significantly! And you have a chance to vote this Wednesday; what good luck!

You can follow the news on Twitter this time.

What worries me is how Conservative-like Mayor Fiacco’s campaign has been. Like the Conservative candidates in the last federal election he refused to participate in a free-to-attend debate. He only agreed to the $45/ticket Chamber of Commerce sponsored debate at the Centre of the Arts. On top of this anti-democratic policy of only speaking publicly for those who pay to hear, a small group of protesters at the Centre of the Arts were told to leave or they’d be charged with Trespassing! Yes, their Charter rights to peaceful protest were violated by someone at the Chamber of Commerce sponsored event.

The Centre of the Arts is on Wascana Centre Authority land, which is public land that even the Saskatchewan Legislature occupies. Can you imagine a legislature where protest outside of it is “against policy” or even illegal? It seems some people working at the Centre of the Arts want a country with a different constitution where protest of injustice is illegal.