How Bad Has Swine Flu Been So Far?

There’s a graphical interpretation of swine flu’s impact to this point. It could get a lot worse quickly, but it’s been minor so far.

Hat tip to Alec


Civic election results in Regina. Not too surprising, and I was high in my prediction by 6%, for mayor.

2 thoughts on “How Bad Has Swine Flu Been So Far?

  1. Ah, demographic information (with no references) from a graphic artist that entertains the notion that intelligent life on earth was seeded by aliens. I ❤ the internet!


  2. I meant to paste this in too
    Swine Flu Mortality

    “This info graphic shows the immense threat of the Swine Flu compared to other manners of death. Today’s the 300th day of the year 2009, so I used the numbers of deaths on the Poodwaddle’s World Clock (which uses the death stats of the official WHO data and statistics) for a quick comparison. The number of swine flu deaths is from the official german epidemic info site. – click here to zoom image”


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