Saskboy’s virtual farewell which you will probably never see

September 16, 2008

This blog entry is a bit of an odd thing. You see, I will never get to see it published. I’m writing it with the knowledge that I won’t see it on my blog’s front page (at least not with my eyes). It’s supposed to be scheduled to see the light of day, on whatever the Internet looks like in 2080, a full 100 years after I was born, and at some time after I’ve died. I am going to try to ensure this doesn’t get revealed to the world before I die, so I’ll reschedule it if I live to be 100 years old.

So if you’re reading this, a few things have happened:

  • The Internet still exists more than 100 years after it was created (or I’ve set it to publish earlier than 2080).
  • I’ve died (or I’m alive, but forgot to reschedule the post)
  • I’ve paid possibly a lot of money to have my website remain active for all of these years.
  • A computer or software bug has released this blog post prematurely. (So if possible, check that I actually am dead before assuming that to be the case.

I hope I got to say goodbye to all of my family and friends, but if my death was sudden I want them to know that I’ll miss them (if I can miss someone after my death). Writing this as a healthy man in my 20’s, I am not really sure what else to say. I try not to spend too much time thinking about mortality, and what I’d want to say to everyone in our limited time on earth.

I wish that I could see the comments this post brings, but that will be your pleasure instead. See you on the flip side, or top side 😉

Floating Vaccine

Because you can’t make money from curing a disease, you might as well spend $1,500,000,000.00 on a giant ship with “neighbourhoods”. Imagine 8400 people pooping directly into the ocean (unless this behemoth has on board septic tanks).

Imagine what could be done with one and a half billion dollars of human effort, other than constructing the 21st century’s version of the Titanic? I guess we can take comfort in the fact that it’s $1.5B that didn’t go to a weapon of war.

Rings You Didn’t Expect

Saturn has rings. Big news eh? Well, sort of. That’s because there’s a humongus ring around Saturn that went undiscovered until just recently because it’s not visible to the human eye, not even through a standard telescope. And the artist’s conception of it makes an excellent computer background.


Some of my library connected friends may find these retorts funny as well as rude.

War Crime Recipe

I’ve learned how to be vindicated in initiating an unjustified war that causes mass destruction and death. It involves convincing John Gormley that you’re eloquent when you can’t speak publicly without confusing “universality” with “university”, and getting intimate with a Saskatoon crowd that has paid big money to see you.

So if you need to commit a war crime, just clear it with wealthy conservative Saskatoonians who get their information from Fox News, and John Gormley, and you’re “vindicated” if you can get the RCMP to protect you instead of enforcing the laws of Canada.

2 Days Left to Organize Boycotts

I wonder if these bloggers will put more effort into boycotting the Canadian Blog Awards than they will the massively taxpayer funded Olympic Winter Games?

A copy/past error, and proofreading oversight for the ’09 categories needed to be corrected. Perhaps now the CBAs are in line with at least some of our previous detractors. If not, I wish them well running their own complimentary blog awards for their desired categories, and/or a pleasant Fall.

We apologize for using the old description of the GBLT categories, which could be read to lumping in feminists with the GBLT community. The description has been fixed.

However, I feel the need to explain some of the thinking behind the category structure this year.

This year, we have decided to remove all of the political categories (which include the conservative, feminist, non-partisan, and progressive categories) with the exception of the “best political” category itself.

The main reason why we decided to go this is because we’ve noticed in previous years, what has happened is an all-out war between different sides of the political spectrum, with some people resorting to subverting to nominations process, trolling, and negative campaigns (not pointing any fingers here.)

Another reason why we decided to remove all of the political category except for best political blog is that we’ve notice that other national blog awards did not have as many political categories as the CBA’s did.

We realize that there are going to be people that are not pleased with this approach, but we feel it is the most fair approach and will give the volunteers of the CBA more time to focus on ensuring the best awards process possible.
Northen BC Dipper | 10.23.09 – 3:55 pm

Half of the fun of the Canadian Blog Awards while I’ve been helping to run it, has been the unbelievable levels of complaints and boycotts surrounding a fun and friendly online competition where all Canadian bloggers can compete and gain a wider audience for about a month. At times it’s stressful, which is why I asked NBCDipper to take the lead in running the CBAs this year, and so far he’s doing a fine job. I have some cooperative business to attend to over the next few weeks so might not have lots of time to put into running a national blog award website.

I wasn’t paid to blog this

About 99.9% of the time I’m not paid to blog. If you don’t count my unobtrusive ads on the side of my blog, which you’ve probably barely noticed, then you probably don’t consider my blog as biased through payola.

The FTC has some funny ideas about what bloggers need to do to remain honest. Fortunately I blog from Canada, but since a large number of my readers are in the States, I just wanted to point out that I wasn’t paid to say this, except in as much as I make each year by giving ad space to a few companies in exchange for their goods and meager currency. I also don’t advertise products I would never use or buy myself (or as a gift for someone else).

Essentially Nothing

There’s Sun Breeze “Essential Oil” on my desk. The vial says:

“Caution: Avoid eye contact”.

I stopped looking at it, but am not sure what will happen if I sneak another peek. Any ideas?

Swear After Me

I almost fell out of my f*cking chair last night. After hearing John Gormley giving Larissa Shasko an admitted “hard” time for supporting the “f*ucked up” Young Greens of Canada ad campaign, I saw the Rawlco producer Tammy Robert posted this:

Parents Who %$#* Things Up
posted by Tammy Robert
Oct 16 2009 – 12:34pm

Whether or not you believe the planet is f–ked up, is beside the point.

It may be edgy, it may be attention-getting, but for most, it’s simply tasteless. For a political party, offensive.

You mean it’s more offensive than the Conservative Party putting their logo on Government of Canada’s stimulus cheques?

Isn’t [the Greens] the same party that considers itself socially and morally superior to, well, everything and everybody else?

Well duh! Every party considers itself to be the superior choice, otherwise the people in the party would simply join another.
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