Floating Vaccine

Because you can’t make money from curing a disease, you might as well spend $1,500,000,000.00 on a giant ship with “neighbourhoods”. Imagine 8400 people pooping directly into the ocean (unless this behemoth has on board septic tanks).

Imagine what could be done with one and a half billion dollars of human effort, other than constructing the 21st century’s version of the Titanic? I guess we can take comfort in the fact that it’s $1.5B that didn’t go to a weapon of war.


How Bad Has Swine Flu Been So Far?

There’s a graphical interpretation of swine flu’s impact to this point. It could get a lot worse quickly, but it’s been minor so far.

Hat tip to Alec


Civic election results in Regina. Not too surprising, and I was high in my prediction by 6%, for mayor.

Essentially Nothing

There’s Sun Breeze “Essential Oil” on my desk. The vial says:

“Caution: Avoid eye contact”.

I stopped looking at it, but am not sure what will happen if I sneak another peek. Any ideas?

Local Food

On Thursday I ate mostly garden grown food for supper, although the beef and
macaroni were possibly not local. Otherwise there were tomatoes, bell
pepper, zucchini, and onion stir-fry. Yum yum!

Jennifer was making an effort to eat locally produced food this past Summer too. The results were delicious, and good for the environment.

It’s OKAY I Guess

California needs a high speed train. From what I hear of the traffic, it will be a godsend.


Conservative Ministers lying? Why, that’s never happened before!?


Don’t Copy That Floppy…

…it’s much too slow, burn that DVD instead.


I played Laser Quest on Saturday night with Jesse, and won the game, but with a poor point score that didn’t beat the ~850 high score of the day. I picked up some tomatoes today, and a free pie. Mmmm, pie.

We watched “Food Inc.” [8/10] and learned that not everyone in the world knows a farmer personally. I was sitting next to someone who was a farm kid, and I grew up going to school with farm kids. It’s foreign to think of a world where most people don’t know a farmer.

It Does Happen To Anyone

Brain tumors are not something that happens to nebulous “other people”. Two people I know well have dealt with them. One is in my immediate family (He had an acoustic neuroma) and the other is a good friend (he had a cancerous tumour removed when he was a kid). So it’s stories like the one here, which make me want to roar. Without Canada’s healthcare system, they, I, could be living in poverty. Or just… not living.