A look back in time

This is a time capsule blog post. I’m writing it from May 7, 2009, three years in the past when you read it (assuming my blog is still here, and that WordPress didn’t mess up and publish it late or early.

Check out this blog post from Earth Day 2009. It wasn’t a great day for me, my province, or the world. I wonder what it will mean 3 years from now. You will know.

In support of the TV Writers on Strike…

I’m posting a re-run blog post this hour. Enjoy!

Notice that the world is mourning the death of a different former leader this year, Pakistan’s Bhutto. And the Mint still hasn’t eliminated the penny or dime, even though we could be using the American coins by the same name (and which are produced at a bargain value due to the devaluation of the Greenback).

Back from the ‘Peg ; President is dead
Friday, December 29th, 2006

I got back from Winnipeg today. I took photos in plenty of places, including the Mint, where I learned that since 2001 they’ve been Plating the coins so that even pennies cost just a fraction of a cent to produce. On the way back along the Yellowhead highway I took photos in Gladstone, Binscarth, and Russel to name a few. Bredenbury’s light display was still running so I saw that award winning display for the first time, and they have an FM station with Christmas music even.

I was surprised to hear Saddam was hanged already in the past day, and underneath I saw typical liberal CBC with the “fair and balanced” take on the story:

Family mourns former president at private service

Oh, then I noticed that it was actually President Ford who had died and was being mourned. Ha, fooled you too?
Certainly not God’s best choice of President to have keel over this year.

Here’s the Mint in Winnipeg:

This Day in My Blog’s History: November 16, 2006 replay – King and Toonie

I found it funny that I was telling someone about how Larry King has never used ‘the google’ before, when it was exactly one year ago that he made the somewhat startling admission. I mean, come on, even George Bush has learned how to use the “Internets” and search “the google”.

What are the odds that Larry now knows how to google something? I doubt any of my readers are such Larry King fans, as to know if he’s admitted to learning how to do journalism in the 21st century.

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HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DRM broken ; Valentine’s ; CN ; Blog ; TV

Good news on the anti-DRM front: AACS copy protection has been broken wide open now. Maybe that will be the death knell to the wrong thinking that has companies investing money into hindering their paying customers from using digital media how they expect it to work.

Cory Doctorow explains:

AACS took years to develop, and it has been broken in weeks. The developers spent billions, the hackers spent pennies.

Hat tip to Slashdot.org


I had to repost this one for Valentine’s Day. The graphic for Ashley I made last night is too funny to post though.
Snow love

Ashley sent me this link. Staged Kindness eh? That’s not a hidden message, trust me.


Oh CN Rail, won’t you ever learn? Don’t Via trains run on CN rails, and if so, I’d think twice about taking Via until the strike is over. Eugene has more.


Suzanne included me in her “best blog comment section” list. Thanks BBW, we don’t see eye to eye politically, but constructive criticism [or in this case praise] is certainly welcome.

Suzanne has also set up a blog aggregator aimed at including Canadian political blogs from every stripe. I’m included so it’s about time I posted a link to it.


There’s a good, yet slightly tongue in cheek list on what to do to make a good blog, over here.


Someone who watches TV still, can you tell me if Little Mosque is still running or not? I can’t bare to look and find out in case it’s gone and the CBC loses another big name show. A TV show has to be entertaining first, and if it happens to imprint an important message then it’s art. But art alone won’t put butts in the seats, as the old saying goes… And if it isn’t a saying, then it ought to be.

This Day in My Blog’s History: February 7, 2006 replay

Feb. 7, 2006 Tuesday

Will the snow stop please? I actually had to shovel out my parking space a little yesterday for the second time this year [plus a ploughing of the lot]. What is this, Winter or something? It’s February now, so it’s traditionally supposed to be +6 in a week or two right after Valentine’s Day.
Speaking of which, who’s got a jump on their Valentine’s Day plans? Is it like Christmas where you’re supposed to prepare around the time of American Thanksgiving or sooner? Should guys be putting up decorations? Should I be asking all these questions?

If you need to burn CDs or DVDs, but don’t want to copy software, or pay mega dollars, you can use CD Burner XP Pro 3 for free.

Did you miss the Super Bowl and the famous ads? If you have highspeed Interweb, you’re in luck because iFilm has the consumery goodness ready for digesting.
Bible.ca Hijacking the Meaning of the Bible

Apparently, a squiggly drawing on a petroglyph is rock solid proof that Native Americans were alive 65 Million years ago. I knew that Native Americans had been in North America for possibly 10,000 years, but who’d have thunk that some Young Earth oddball would give them several million years prior claim to this land we all call home now. Oh, wait, maybe that’s not what they were getting at.

I could draw a picture of Abe Lincoln, but that doesn’t mean I was alive when Honest Abe was. Or I could sketch a parakeet/robin/kiwi, but does that mean I am drawing a picture of an extinct dodo bird? I guess when one rejects logic, it’s easy to get carried away and figure that everyone else is also incapable of telling facts from fiction. That would explain why there was such a push to banish Harry Potter books. Modern fiction written by a woman = evil. Ancient fiction written by old dead white dudes = sacred.

What’s most depressing about this bible.ca site, is that I saw a huge ad for it on a university educated Saskatchewanian blogger’s site. It wasn’t there for satirical purposes either, which is the only plausible reason I can think of for an educated or religious person to give it any publicity. After all, who would want their religion to be dragged down by associating with a half wit web site featuring only arguments attacking scientific theories like carbon-14 dating, and well tested sciences like geology, astronomy, biology, and chemistry? Is this the Middle Ages again where some Christians are trying to whip up support to burn the heretic scientists?

Shouldn’t all educated Christians be trying to distance themselves from crackpot theories and web sites by calling publicly for logic to prevail? After all it’s not like science is a threat to religion. No scientist has ever burned a bible at the stake, forced a priest to publicly recant his faith in God or Jesus, or demanded stickers be put in every Bible saying, “Jesus being mankind’s only saviour is just a theory. For alternate theories on salvation, see your local library for books such as “Stephen Hawking’s Universe: The Cosmos Explained”, or “An Introduction to Buddhism”.” Sure, the destruction of Western society’s education system isn’t as dramatic as burning down embassies with an angry mob, but it could hurt society even more. And who really deserves more scorn in the world: An uneducated eastern Muslim man who is told his religion is under attack by western countries, or an educated western Christian man who concocts lies about science to attack our education system?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Do you like Bill Clinton? He’s going to Regina to give a talk about Canadian and American relations. I’m thinking I’ll go to moon him.
I’ll wear a blue dress, then bend over and pull it up. Maybe I won’t bother, since I’ll have to take up cigar smoking for full effect.

…Greatest American President of the last 15 years.

A Refresher course on Windchill

In case you missed it last year, I defined exactly what this mysterious “windchill index” is that you hear so much about, and where it came from. On these bitterly cold Canadian days, it pays to remember with a smile that it drives our isolated blogging loneliness, and wry humours.

Some poor sod looking for the real definition of “windchill” today, had the misfortune of reading my definition instead.

Explanation of Windchill’s index

More updates for the blog are coming tonight, if I don’t freeze outside when I go to plug the car in. It’s going to be -41 with the windchill. What’s “windchill” you might ask if you’re not from Canada? Well it was invented by Sir. Windston Churchchill as an attack threat index during WWII. The more likely we’re to be attacked by the Axis of Evil, the lower the windchill value. Tonight the threat index is high because it’s so low, thanks to rumblings from Iran. North Korea is also peeved they’ve not won any Winter Olympic medals yet too, and have threatened to stop importing James Bond movies to feed to their cattle and starving masses.

This Day in My Blog’s History: December 20, 2005 replay

Dec. 20, 2005 Tuesday
Judge intelligently decides that Intelligent Design is not to be taught in a science class. Score one up for good sense in the justice system, since it was already determined that creationism can’t be taught in American public schools.

Glow Bowling

Meanwhile, Fox News and other right wing propaganda media outlets in the USA are blasting Canada for holding different views from the Bush administration. Some have recently gone so far as to describe Canadians as “retarded”, “lacking any intelligence”, and “harbouring terrorists”. This is unfortunately nothing new, and is yet more destructive and divisive ranting from some of the most sour Bush backers allowed on air.

Noses are Red
I am so Blue
If you were sick also
You would be too. – Saskboy


Oh yeah, this ISN’T a DEATH TRAP waiting to happen… Edmonton has OK’ed businesses to allow their patrons onto insured busses, where the people can smoke. I don’t know about you, but a bus designed for drunk people from bars to burn things stuck in their mouths, are about the least safe thing I’ve heard all day.