United Still Breaks Guitars

Dave Carroll, Sons of Maxwell’s lead singer and Internet sensation, has had his luggage lost by United Airlines when he gave them another chance.

His hit song United Breaks Guitars was breaking the hearts of musicians more than a year ago.

It’s OKAY I Guess

California needs a high speed train. From what I hear of the traffic, it will be a godsend.


Conservative Ministers lying? Why, that’s never happened before!?


Don’t Copy That Floppy…

…it’s much too slow, burn that DVD instead.


I played Laser Quest on Saturday night with Jesse, and won the game, but with a poor point score that didn’t beat the ~850 high score of the day. I picked up some tomatoes today, and a free pie. Mmmm, pie.

We watched “Food Inc.” [8/10] and learned that not everyone in the world knows a farmer personally. I was sitting next to someone who was a farm kid, and I grew up going to school with farm kids. It’s foreign to think of a world where most people don’t know a farmer.

The New InPod

Can you not wait to buy Crapple’s new InPod with Dolbee 5.1 surround sound in your head, from advanced headphones that are actually inside your noggin’? They’ve found a way to actually put the InPod inside of you. You don’t want to know where they have to put the USB port, but they are rumoured to be making a wireless model soon, so you may want to wait for that one.

Having Fun Without Passing Out

Ryan, a British Columbian wiseguy and otherwise nice fellow, asked me if this sort of drunken incident happens often in the province of Saskatchewan. Not to me, it doesn’t. And I’ve never met anyone personally who has been pants’ed for the purposes of lewd photos.


Thursday night, my roommate and I went to my garden, and we picked potatoes, beans, mint, and peas. The tomatoes are still too green. We then had a 99% Saskatchewan grown vegetarian, organic, supper.

Friday was an interesting day (for me at least). I was on my way over to the east end when I noticed a large bird on my lawn. It was a falcon nibbling on a large dead bird. I went closer for a better look, and the falcon thought I wanted some bird too, and tried taking its meal with it. Pulling on the dead bird’s head with its talons proved futile after two attempts that simply slid it along the grass a few centimeters, so it took off into the trees. I saw the dead bird was a pigeon, and not wanting to further disturb the falcon’s supper, I left.

On the Ring Road I thought I saw police lights flashing far behind me in my rear view mirror. When no one had pulled over behind me, I assumed the cop was stopped a few kilometers back on the side of the road. About 30 seconds later though, I could certainly see the lights, and the half dozen cars behind me were not getting out of its way! I pulled over to the right, and the car directly behind me did the correct thing too. Not surprisingly, the bozos who hadn’t pulled over for the police car that was in a hurry, didn’t let our two cars back onto the road in front of them.

Then I managed to safely navigate across 4 lanes of traffic on Victoria Ave. E. and some twerp in a minivan was unhappy with my success so he honked at me. In Saskatchewan, honking is a grave insult. Of course in most cities, people honk for everything. Here, only people from elsewhere, or experienced road-ragers will honk.

My friend Sandy and I watched “Men With Brooms” [7/10] and “Reality Bites” [7/10], and in between made lasagna, played Duck Hunt and Super Mario, and listened to Dire Straits on LP.

Later on driving home I saw a coyote east of the Ring Road by SIAST, and at home I found a bat circling my bedroom in a panic. No idea how it got inside, but probably the way I made it leave — through the patio door. There was fortunately very little clean up.

That Ain’t No Way to Go!

Wow, big news in country music today, as Brooks & Dunn have decided to “break up” their duo. Kix Brooks has been doing the American Country Countdown for a few years now in place of Bob Kingsley. Their last album’s radio singles mostly failed to impress me. Perhaps it was “time” for them to go their own ways.

One of my first CDs was Brooks & Dunn’s second album. They were one of the first bands I saw in concert, in Saskatoon, after winning a prize trip from (the now rebranded) Country 92 FM in Regina back in 1998. They were touring with Reba McEntire, Terri Clark, David Kersh, and brought Linda David along to help with a single song. It was a great show, and a great night.

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the music industry. Sometimes, even retirements don’t last.
We all get a chance,
everybody gets to dance

Buffalo Days 2009

I went to the “Queen City Ex”-Wife a couple nights in a row. Friday night was great because Lara had time off work when I’d not expected she’d be able to join me for Colin James.

Buffalo Days in Regina, SK
The weather was not great, and a small crowd was out for Jason Plumb and the Willing.
Buffalo Days in Regina, SK
– Check out the drummer’s expression.

Buffalo Days in Regina, SK Because we’d come with a concert in mind only, we brought lawn chairs. Lara had the good old kind, and I had the cut your leg circulation off at the thighs kind. We found that if she sat on the ground in front of me, and I used the good chair we were both quite comfortable and warm. The unused chair we offered to Daniel (some guy) standing near by.

Lara enjoyed Plumb and his band more (because of the fiddle I think) and I enjoyed James’ a bit more.
Buffalo Days in Regina, SK

On Saturday we went to use our “Daytripper” pass which is good for gate entry and unlimited rides. Unfortunately after the Zipper, Alpine (uncomfortable seating), and a cool hang gliding ride (a little hard on the knees), we were a bit dizzy. We felt the swings would be kind of relaxing, but instead the ride lasted maybe three times longer than it normally would and it made us thoroughly ill on the inside. We walked up to the Ferris Wheel, and couldn’t even think about getting on it, that’s how queasy we were. So we went back, and chickened out of the Ferris Wheel. Yes, I kid you not. We took a nap in the Brandt Centre. Best. Nap. Ever. Woke up not queasy, and we were able to ride the Ferris Wheel in comfort, and finish up the afternoon.

After a break at home trying PlayStation’s Grinch with Brien, and supper at Dairy Queen, we returned to the fair. The first thing we did was catch the Flying Fools show. It was funny and entertaining.
Buffalo Days in Regina, SK

We met Sarah not far from the concert, and I convinced her and Brien to go by mentioning that Johnny Reid isn’t just a country singer, he’s got a Scottish accent. That intrigued her enough to go, and she enjoyed it. We left when he was probably more than half way through his show, so we could catch the end of the Rider game.

Buffalo Days in Regina, SK

We arrived in the Brandt Centre in time to see the 4th quarter getting underway. The Riders were up by 3 points and were about to try a field goal. Congi kicked one off the upright and out. Doh! Then Burris scored and we were down. Apparently we weren’t out, because Durant hit Getzlaf for a long touchdown to put us back in the lead after Calgary missed a long field goal. It looked like it was in the bag. Then we took a stupid penalty and had to give the ball back to Calgary for a final try, but we stopped them for the one point 24-23 win. The small crowd watching the TV roared.

To finish the night we saw Wayne Lee’s adult rated hypnotism show where he danced with the ladies, and then the guys. That was at the end of the show, after he convinced this one fellow that his t-shirt was really his shorts, and gave other people orgasms while they kept their clothes on. He did have to stop one pair of man and woman sitting next to each other from making out with each other when they were supposed to be fondling their invisible boy/girl friend in front of them. The guy playing “bag”pipes with his thumb in his mouth and hand on his crotch was amusing too of course.
Buffalo Days in Regina, SK

After we broke the mini donut machine, we went home. Well, actually it was the guy in front of us who broke it. Well, actually it just “broke” while he happened to be standing there, but for some reason he felt bad about holding the line up, even though it was just flipping donut malfunction.
Buffalo Days in Regina, SK

At least when the mini-donut machine is only in your city for so long, the health risk of it being around is time controlled. It would be deadly to own, however.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to see MC Hammer tonight or not. I really only know of one of his songs (like most people who are going probably), but it’d probably be a fun time anyway.