Taking A Walk Down the WWW

Here’s an experiment. I’ve restored blog posts and comments from ~2006-Nov 2009 here, instead of my main blog at http://saskboy.wordpress.com which came about in Nov. 2009 in response to my blog server being hacked and broken. The links citing “abandonedstuff.com/” don’t work properly, but the content is here if you’re clever enough to search the new “saskboy1.” site. Have fun!

My friend Robert made this possible.

Film in Saskatchewan ; Tobacco ad ; Canadian Blog Awards

Ross has some fantastic videos. Here’s a trailer of the upcoming horror flick The Messenger filmed in SK, and supposedly in ND.

Then he has “You don’t always die from tobacco“. It’s a catchy little ditty that you’ll be humming for hours.

And UnOriginal Gangster has a zinger of a post regarding Rick Mercer, and us “regular” bloggers down here in the sugar mines of mediocrity.


My head is still buzzing with the shock of being advanced to the final round of voting in both Best Progressive Blog, and Best Sci/Tech Blog in the CBAs. I need to calm down a little and get my endorsements in order. There’s some difficulty in picking because there are so many in the top 5 who I all visit lots, are good, and who have voted or sent me readers in the past. I think by tomorrow evening I’ll have my recommendations up, since voting starts on Saturday. And not only that, but I have to keep writing new stuff too that doesn’t Blog Navel Gaze at the awards proceedings. I just find the whole thing fascinating though, it’s like playing virtual reality Survivor, but with less nudity, and hopefully no backstabbing.

Some bloggers (like James Bow) have their ducks in a row already, and have made their endorsements. Also on the well prepared list is Olaf who gets my support for Best “closet lefty” Conservative Blog (Although I look at Kate’s Small Dead Animals often too, and use Andrew’s Bound By Gravity Canadian Blog Exchange plenty). Olaf just started months ago, so if he’s just a flash in the pan, we should give him his blogging award now. Kate’s even backing him. And Olaf has endorsed my blog back so it’s just good sense for me to support him. And yes I really did write that endorsement posted on the side of his blog – but in my defense it was an homage to an endorsement Kate used on her blog’s sidebar.

(It took me 20 minutes to post this entry, something it was trying to “ping” was hanging things up.)

Too much of a good thing? Close ’em. ; Arar ruling shipped to Syria – Returned missing justice. ; Daycare

I heard the Highways and Transportation minister Elden Laughtermilk on CJME.com at 12:50pm say “you can’t have too much” road equipment. I’ll remember that when he tries to shut highway shops that are open now.


Mr. Arar can’t catch a break from the US justice system which worked him over [literally] a few years ago, and is disrespecting him [and human rights ethics] again. I wish he could get a ruling from a judge that has updated his eyeglasses style in the past 30 years.


Daycare isn’t something that the federal government should be running, or even the provincial government. One of the few things Harper is doing that I agree with, is providing families with $1200/year per child, over the Liberal/provincial plan of funding daycare centers directly.  That angle disadvantages parents who want to raise their own children rather than foisting them onto the state most of the day, and also does nothing to help parents not within range of a funded daycare.

We don’t need no Stinkin’ Stork!

Only in Saskatchewan would a child think that Gophers bring babies.


On the way home from Saskatoon last Saturday, I caught a rock in the windshield from a semi-truck on the #16 Yellowhead highway. I got it repaired today, which cost $57 at Speedy.  Why there was a stone on a major highway in the middle of a blizzard I’m not sure, but it sure is annoying to deal with roads like that.  But keep in mind it’s a SK tradition to complain about roads [although it’s usually justified].  You can’t have the most roads of any province or state, and a shrinking NDP governed population of less than 1 Million and pay to keep them all going perfectly, especially when the NDP government lets CP Rail and CN remove viable railways.

I’ve moved my blog to WordPress, which is here

This is my first entry writing from WordPress, a blogging tool that will simplify my blogging life [at least in theory]. Now I have live bookmarking which means you can use Firefox to bookmark this page, and the bookmark will change to show my most recent entry.


In the news, The Sheaf which is the UofS student paper, has opened a can of worms by publishing the Christian equivalent of the Denmark Cartoons. You can’t get much more taboo than oral sex, and putting Jesus in a cartoon acting in an undignified way, but that’s what the cartoon featured. It’s especially thought provoking because the paper didn’t [or couldn’t] publish the cartoons featuring the prophet Muhammed, which is taboo in Islam. I’m looking forward to the discussion that the cartoon publishing will provoke, because a lot of people who can’t understand why parts of the Muslim world have erupted into irrational rage, will probably display the same sort of illogical rage [with much less visible infrastructure destruction].