MishMash Thanksgiving

The weekend started with a Rider victory, then a barn fire. Hordenchuk’s barn burned near Wood Mountain due to a cause unknown to me at the least right now.

Then on the way back a vehicle problem delayed me by nearly 45 minutes on a roadside, and my roommate had a family emergency to deal with too.

All that piled onto my car shopping this week, and the need to finish up my gardening.

Car Buying

I’m going to soon be buying a new-ish car. It must be automatic transmission, reliable, and less than $11,000. Any suggestions or advice at this time would be appreciated, even if they are funny.

I have a preference for something that gets better than 30MPG in city driving, and has 4 doors or even 5. The trunk should be nice with flipping down back seats for more cargo room.

It’s OKAY I Guess

California needs a high speed train. From what I hear of the traffic, it will be a godsend.


Conservative Ministers lying? Why, that’s never happened before!?


Don’t Copy That Floppy…

…it’s much too slow, burn that DVD instead.


I played Laser Quest on Saturday night with Jesse, and won the game, but with a poor point score that didn’t beat the ~850 high score of the day. I picked up some tomatoes today, and a free pie. Mmmm, pie.

We watched “Food Inc.” [8/10] and learned that not everyone in the world knows a farmer personally. I was sitting next to someone who was a farm kid, and I grew up going to school with farm kids. It’s foreign to think of a world where most people don’t know a farmer.

CBSA Now More Likely to Pull Weapon

Here’s some good news for Canadian travelers. Now you not only get to fear that a nutjob border guard from Homeland Insecurity will pull a gun on you, you also can worry if the Canadian customs official is going to decide you’re a threat to national security or maybe just evading taxes. “Do you have anything to declare, and stick’em’up!”

If only Canadian border guards would do their job and keep criminal trash like George Bush and Dick Cheney out of our country.

Instead the idiots are too busy telling you to take your shoes off in front of a metal detector ONLY if you’re flying to the United States where they care about “security”. They apparently don’t care if you blow up in Canada, of course, because we know how often someone gets a bomb on a plane in their shoes (Answer:never). Yes, the US is security conscious. They’re conscious that there’s a concept of security, but are a little uncertain as to the details of how to implement it. It starts with taking off your shoes when a Canadian uniformed guard tells you to, apparently. It ends when people think it’s normal not to take water and shoes onto an airplane.

Wood Mountain Weekend

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan

I went to Wood Mountain on Saturday, and stayed until Sunday night. There was a convocation ceremony held by the community, for a local educator who went back to taking university classes to finish their degree. Since the classes were done by distance-ed, there was no official ceremony to attend, so people made one for her. She was my teacher back in Grade 4, I think. She joked how me and my siblings got our degrees before she did. We joked back that it probably meant our degrees were invalid because of that.

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan

I honed my weak texting skills on my iTouch Garbage while at my parents’, making use of the town’s free Wi-Fi network my Dad set up.

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan
– Rodeo Ranch Museum

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan
– Pool renovations are underway still.

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan
Saw a deer on the way back, and a fox, both didn’t die because they stayed in the ditch.

Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan