Harper’s Conservatives and Their Ridiculous Advertising

I’ll have more about the Conservatives’ problems in advertising this week, but for now, feast your eyes on the party’s willyoubetricked.ca ? I’m not going to link to the site, if you’re really curious you’ll get to copy/paste it. Someone sent me the site in an effort possibly to social-market it (and hey they were partly successful, I’m talking about it). Unfortunately there will be some people who see the site that will be convinced by the lies on it. Fortunately for the Liberals and other parties, those people were probably already Conservative voters anyhow.

Since there’s no official contact email on the website, you can only assume the Conservatives don’t want the average visitor to know they are behind the parody of their ridiculous official position. You could email them at willyoubetricked@gmail.com and ask why their website performs so slowly (it’s made entirely of Adobe Flash), or why they don’t have their party’s logo on it. Anyway, it’s pre-election, election advertising at its worst.

But hey, when you’re Big Oil’s Stool Pigeon, you have to poop somewhere. Might as well be on the WWW. More progressive bloggers were sent the site too.


And the Liberals too sent out a funny call to members the other week.

“An Urgent Message from the National Campaign Co-Chairs,” was the subject! No kidding! We all know what to do when you see “An Urgent Message” in your inbox…

Expecting a Nigerian scam sob story, I wasn’t disappointed.

Dear Liberal Friends:

The events of the past few weeks have made it clear that we need to ensure the Liberal Party wins the next election.

We have a Conservative Government that had its offices raided by Elections Canada, its Minister of Foreign Affairs resign over his failure to safeguard national security documents and its Finance Minister managed to return us to the brink of a deficit that Canadians worked so hard to erase.

In order to win the next election, we need to ensure that the Liberal Party and Liberal riding associations have the resources to win nationally and locally. We know the Conservatives have millions to spend as they struggle to cling to power. We cannot let them succeed.

By joining the Victory Fund, Liberals will help build a strong national party and strong local riding associations. After the tax credit is applied, the actual cost of a $10 monthly donation is only $2.50!

$2.50 a month to defeat Stephen Harper.

The Liberal Party needs your help – please join the Victory Fund today.

Yours sincerely,
Senator David Smith
Nancy Girard
Mark Marissen

And if that pitch doesn’t work, there’s probably an autoworker job waiting for you if you contribute.


18 thoughts on “Harper’s Conservatives and Their Ridiculous Advertising

  1. Ever meet a liberal that didn’t think he could fix a situation by taxing it?
    Gordo and his 3.5 cents a litre is just plain nuts!!!
    Dion’s carbon tax is even nuttier . . . especially when it is June and I am still heating my house.
    Carbon trading is wrecking havoc in Europe . . . traders are making billions, inflation is rampant.
    Please note that Al the Goricle is heavily invested in the Carbon Trading business . . . . some folks will make fortunes . . . . unfortunately it is the CONSUMER who will pay the bill . . . . for you dummies that actually work . . . . that is you!!!!


  2. If your home was designed better, you wouldn’t have had to heat your home in May either. The sun provides plenty of heat for buildings that let its energy inside efficiently. There are several methods. That’s not really a knock on the designer/builder, it’s just how things were done. We have to do things a different way now, because we’re running lower on resources. If the government puts that 3.5 cents back into home renovations, then tax payers don’t pay more, but consume less. Everyone will win.

    I’ll have more about taxation this week, including one that should be scrapped right here in Regina.


  3. WHOIS Lookup for willyoubetricked.ca

    Status: EXIST
    Registrar: Netfirms, Inc.
    Registrar-no: 978850
    Registrant-no: 2333671
    Domaine-no: 2333671
    Subdomain: willyoubetricked.ca
    Renewal-Date: 2009/05/28
    Date-Approved: 2008/05/28
    Date-Modified: 2008/06/01
    Organization: Conservative Party of Canada
    Admin-Name: Norm Funk
    Admin-Postal: #1204 – 130 Albert Street
    Ottawa ON K1P 5G4 Canada
    Admin-Phone: 613-755-2000
    Admin-Mailbox: willyoubetricked@gmail.com
    Tech-Name: Support Department
    Tech-Postal: 5160 Yonge St., Suite 1800
    Toronto ON M2N 6L9 Canada
    Tech-Phone: 4166612100
    Tech-Mailbox: support@netfirms.com
    NS1-Hostname: ns1.netfirms.com
    NS2-Hostname: ns2.netfirms.com


  4. What time did you email arrive? Mine came at 11:37 am. TO time. D. Akin’s arrived at 11:09 Ottawa time. I am assuming this indicates there is a guy manually emailing this stuff.


  5. http://lfpress.ca/newsstand/News/CanadaWorld/2008/06/08/5808231-sun.html
    “”It’s like telling a teenage smoker they can keep smoking as long as they give a donation to the Lung Association, it doesn’t work,” Kenney maintained. “I don’t think Canadians will be fooled.””

    Problem is, the Conservative plan is akin to telling that smoker that they can keep right on doing it, and not even bother giving a donation to an organization that might help them climb out from their hole.


  6. BCL here are the details. Since it came from Netfirms and the website, I’d guess it was a Tory, unless the person wants to email me and explain they sent it instead. It arrived (or was sent?) at 8:37AM MDT:

    X-Message-Delivery: Vj0zLjQuMDt1cz0wO2w9MDthPTE=
    X-Message-Status: n:0
    X-SID-PRA: Stéphane
    X-Message-Info: JGTYoYF78jEmcCPb4cqfR301KoDiZ4ao0go+HDkpbgBg4MzgMwnn0ST9e+5xGAotksxnOlnhHT9hus+ZxtuN/gvFYAcrQLWU
    Received: from qmail-cgi-bulk-0.netfirms.com ([]) by bay0-mc12-f17.bay0.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2668);
    Sun, 8 Jun 2008 07:37:27 -0700
    Received: (qmail 1890 invoked from network); 8 Jun 2008 14:37:27 -0000
    Received: from unknown (
    by 0 with QMQP; 8 Jun 2008 14:37:27 -0000
    Date: 8 Jun 2008 14:37:27 -0000
    X-URI: /reachout.php?task=sendmail
    X-ID: 3011848
    To: Saskboy
    Subject: Higher taxes are the answer!
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
    From: “Stéphane”
    Return-Path: /unknown.3011848.bounce@willyoubetricked.ca
    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 08 Jun 2008 14:37:27.0937 (UTC) FILETIME=[2CC2A710:01C8C975]

    Higher taxes are the answer!

    Hi Saskboy,

    Stéphane wanted to tell you…

    Having trouble setting priorities? Friends don’t know what they speak about? Billions of dollars of spending promises got you in a big debt hole? Well don’t worry. If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is an answer. A permanent new tax on everything!

    If you agree click here.


  7. This kind of “non-fact” personal attack ad is a new low even for Harper’s Conservatives.
    I’m not surprised they don’t have any links on it or admission that is comes from the Conservative Party. I certainly wouldn’t want to admit any connection with it.
    I found their “random numbers” showing per cent loaded hilarious – and somehow a commentary on how much they know about what they say they are doing.


  8. Except Charles, they’ve been attaining that low for years now, it’s hardly a new low 🙂

    Also worth noting about the ad, and I’ve made sure to point it out to plenty of people, is that a Blob of Oil is speaking for Harper’s Conservatives in the ad. He couldn’t find a better representative – greasy and self-interested, and ready to cause climate change.


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  10. Looks like the liberals are doing the same thing… I just got two message from the Prime Minister’s maillist purporting to be from Stephen Harper from some leftwing nutcase. The message header was the same as the message listed about (also from netfirms.com). Hmm…


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